Changing the Adbrite Ad in Turnkey Sites

Maybe this information is missed in the included readme.txt file but there is one banner ad in the file called categorydetail.php which shows a Adbrite banner.

If you want to show it with your own Adbrite ID you have to replace the following code with your own one:

"a href=\"\" mce_href=\"\"> img src=\"\" mce_src=\"\" border=\"0\">"

You also can replace the code with any other banner code you like or add your adsense code for a 468x60 ad if you prefer this.

I missed to add this important information to the instructions file.

After you have chosen a MiniSite theme and filled out the blank fields at thetheme options (appearance section) you have to create a new category called \"specialoffer\" (without quotes)

Then you have to add a new post and use \"specialoffer\" as category to add the main content of your salesletter.

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